Suspended Stainless Steel Helicopter Bucket

This suspended firefighting monsoon bucket is designed for helicopters with the minimum load carrying capacity of 3000 kg on the suspension lock (load hook).

The bucket is opened and closed using compressed air. It is filled by lowering into a body of water and emptied as necessary – either completely or partially.
2311 lit
3 sec
13 m

See the FLORY 26 in action:

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Quick Charge

Thanks to it’s large bottom aperture, the FLORY 26 helicopter bucket can achieve a full charge or discharge in just 3 seconds.

Fire Retardant

The helicopter bucket is fitted with a system of adding fire-retardant foams mid-flight, increasing extinguishing efficiency by up to 300%.

Rescue Basket

In an emergency, the FLORY 26 helicopter bucket doubles as a rescue basket, capable of taking 2-3 people away from the fire.

Wide Discharge

The high dispersion coefficient of 0.9 translates into 13 m of water dispersal width, making even the smallest targets unmissable.

Corrosion Resistant

The helicopter bucket is made of industrial-grade AISI 316L stainless steel that boasts incredible corrosion resistance.

Water Delivery

FLORY 26 is equipped with a release valve, enabling water delivery for ground-based fire crews.


Flotation devices are installed to the FLORY 26 monsoon bucket, allowing it to float on the water surface while released.

Multiple Discharges

The water flow can be closed near-instantaneously, allowing you to extinguish multiple separate packs of fire with a single charge of the monsoon bucket.


The monsoon bucket doesn’t tilt back or disappear from the operator’s sight, allowing the pilot to fly over the fire affected zones at high speeds.

  • Combat Wildfires

    Quickly stop the spread of wildfires with a water dispersion width of up to 13 meters.
  • Extinguish Urban Fires

    Perform aerial firefighting in urban areas - the FLORY 26 finely disperses water with no water bombing effect.
  • Perform Emergency Rescue

    Save up to 3 people in an emergency - the FLORY 26 helicopter bucket doubles as a rescue basket.
  • Deliver Water

    Deliver water to your ground firefighting teams or critically dehydrated people and animals with the release valve.
  • Clean-up Oil Spils

    Efficiently disperse coagulants over oil spills on water surfaces, protecting the environment.


Weight2640 kg
Capacity2311 lit
Tare Weight329 kg
Diameter1680 mm
Height1550 mm
MaterialAISI 316L Stainless Steel
Opening SystemPneumatics (Festo)
Minimum Charging Depth1.5 m
Charging Time3 sec
Discharge Time3 sec or more
Dispersion Factor0.9
Dispersion Width10 - 13 m
0 km/h30 l/m2
50 km/h4.5 l/m2
100 km/h2.3 l/m2
In-Flight Flame Retardant SystemFoams, Retardants and Coagulants
Suspension RopesShort (fresh water), Long (salt water)
Release Valve
Rescue Basket

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The FLORY 26 Aerial Firefighting System is a helicopter monsoon bucket designed and produced by the Letina company. We are an industry leader in the manufacture of stainless steel tanks and have been operating for just over 40 years. Click on the link to learn more about us.

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